Welcome!  The Centre for Young Musicians Taunton is a fantastic Saturday music school in the South West offering great opportunities to its students, with top quality music tutors with dedication and drive. The Centre is a very friendly and very happy place full of like-minded, budding young musicians. It’s so much more than one individual music lesson and, for parents/carers, it represents excellent value for money.


Centre for Young Musicians Taunton (CYMT) has a range of bursaries available for learners: bursaries for full fees, part fees, and travel bursaries.

As CYM is a division of the Guildhall School, the Centre is supported by awards from the Guildhall School Access Agreement. The Guildhall School is making up to 15 fee bursaries available from September 2017, which are open to new and continuing students at CYMT.

The Access Agreement scheme is fully committed to supporting young musicians attending CYMT from the first day they join the Centre up to the end of Year 13 if they wish to stay on the course, which we hope they will. The benefits of students’ experiences at CYMT are far-reaching and potentially life-changing.

Bursaries have also been generously granted by Sound Foundation Somerset, the music education hub for Somerset, with funds from Arts Council England. These bursaries are granted annually and as such must be applied for annually.

Fee bursaries are awarded on a means-tested basis. The bursaries awarded may be either a full fee waiver (for households with a declared residual household income of less than £30,000) or a partial fee waiver (for households with a declared residual income of between £30,000 and £46,000).

Included in the Guildhall School Access Agreement from September 2017 are new travel bursaries for students who live in the West Somerset Council Area. This area has been identified as a priority for funding by the Government and the Guildhall School Access Agreement is making 4 awards of £210 p.a. specifically to support students’ travel costs from West Somerset to CYMT. Travel bursaries are awarded on a means-tested basis in the same format as for fee bursaries.

Ernest in the garden hcym 2016 034p

Above: Ernest enjoys playing the cornet at CYMT.


Applications are invited from parents / carers of all young musicians aged 5 – 18.

Bursaries for the remainder of 2017-2018 are still available and applications should be submitted as soon as possible. 

Please note the closing date for bursary applications for 2018-2019 is Tuesday 31 July 2018. Bursary applications may be considered after this date but it is recommended that applications meet the closing date as the available funding is taken up quickly.

To apply for fee bursaries you need to complete TWO forms: one online application form and one bursary application form:

(1) please complete the online application form at this link, then return to this page and

(2) please click this link to download the bursary application form, which should be completed and sent with supporting documents to CYMT.

To apply for a travel bursary you need to write to CYMT requesting a travel bursary, which letter should be sent to CYMT with the bursary application form.

All applications will be considered carefully with reference to the strict criteria for bursary funding.  Applicants will be informed of any bursaries awarded by Friday 7 September 2018.

The Autumn Term 2018 will start with an Activities Day / Induction Day on Saturday 8 September 2018 and the term begins on Saturday 15 September 2018.

Please click here for the CYMT term dates to July 2018. Please click here for the CYMT term dates 2018-2019.

Please help publicise these fantastic opportunities for young musicians in the South West.  If you know someone in need of financial help to enable them to study music at CYMT please tell them about CYMT, direct them to this website and encourage them to get in touch or apply online. Thank you.

If you have any queries please contact Rachael Parvin (Head of CYMT) 07754 217993  |  taunton@cym.org.uk.