Welcome!  The Centre for Young Musicians Taunton is a fantastic Saturday music school in the South West offering great opportunities to its students, with top quality music tutors with dedication and drive.

The Centre is a very friendly and very happy place full of like-minded, budding young musicians.  It’s so much more than one individual music lesson and, for parents/carers, it represents excellent value for money.

If you have any queries please call 07754 217993 or email


To join CYMT for online courses in term-time, holiday courses or to request information please complete the online application form below. 

The information provided on the online form will reach the Centre via email, then students’ parents/carers will be contacted by phone or email so the Head of Centre can devise a personalised timetable.

Please note: your privacy is very important to us. Centre for Young Musicians Taunton (a division of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, which is a department of City of London Corporation) is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of any personal data held by the Centre. We will never share your information with third parties. Your data will be stored securely and you can instruct us to remove your data anytime. The management of data is informed by City of London Corporation’s Data Protection Policy which is available through the Chamberlain’s Department, Guildhall, London, and, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, our Privacy Policy is available to view at this link.

    I am applying to join or to receive information on the following courses at CYMT:*
    I'd love to visit for a free tryout!Music Starts Here! for beginners aged 5-7Prelude programme for 7-9sCore Curriculum for 9-18sFull Curriculum for 9-18s (incl.1:1 lesson)Ensembles only programme for 9-18sIndividual tuition only programme (terms apply)Summer Holiday Course Mon 2 to Fri 6 August 2021

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    Ethnicity Monitoring, Disability Monitoring and Socio-Economic Monitoring.

    Data on this page will be used to help us evaluate our services and plan for future provision and also to prompt us to contact you with advice and support if you are offered a place.


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    If your child / young person has any special requirements due to a disability or long term medical condition please let us know full details on the application form so we can try to offer facilities which meet their needs. If you prefer to discuss this in confidence you can contact the Head of Centre in the first instance via email:

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    Once a place has been confirmed there are two additional forms to be completed by the parent/carer of each student: (1) the Carer Agreement, and (2) the Images Consent Form.  These forms will be sent electronically, and are available in hard copy at CYMT, when new students’ timetables are sent out.

    Note to parents/carers of students attending CYMT for Saturday courses in term-time:  The Carer Agreement states that once established on the term-time courses at CYMT, after a trial period usually agreed to be one term, a term’s notice is required to stop attending.  This notice period is required so the Centre can fulfil its obligations to the professional tutors and pay for the facilities, and to ensure a proper commitment is made by the young musicians attending.  The students get the best of the Centre and out of themselves if they commit to attending every Saturday in term time, which also explains why there is no ‘drop-in’ option or fortnightly attendance option. Thank you for your understanding.

    For term dates use this link: CYMT term dates 2020-2021.


    Please visit the page with information about bursaries.

    Above: Students enjoying CYMT.

    If you have any queries please contact Rachael Parvin (Head of CYMT):  07754 217993  |