Creative Music Production


Using the latest technology in the Mac Suite at Richard Huish College, CYMT’s expert tutor shows students how to work with and create music using Logic Pro X, a complete professional recording studio on a Mac computer.

Designed especially for CYMT students aged 12 – 18, the Creative Music Production course gives students knowledge and experience of music production theory and practice in any musical style.  The course is flexible in its approach and outlook which means that students can do the course whether they have little or no prior experience of music technology as well as those with experience of music technology.

The course is planned as a series of projects designed to introduce various aspects of music technology and develop a progressive skillset. Examples include:

· Computer based composition (electronic pieces or pieces for instruments and tape)

· Sound design – creating sound effects from concrete sounds / students’ instruments to tell a story or enhance video

· Ambient or multitrack recording(s) of orchestra / choir / various small ensembles

· Multitrack recordings of CYM pop groups

Students may have the opportunity to showcase compositions / sound design at CYMT end of term concerts.

There are currently three classes available in Creative Music Production at CYMT. Two are for students on the Full curriculum programme and the other is for students attending for Creative Music Production whilst not on the Fully curriculum programme.

To enquire about Creative Music Production lessons at CYMT please contact the office on 07754 217993.